Sunday, November 2, 2014

Geez, that got dark.....

Hello Fellow NaNoWriMo-ers!

I hadn't seen the old man since that day. The day where he lost his wife. The old man had veered off the road, and his car was uncontrollable. The old man's car crashed into the trees on the side of the road. I rushed to the scene, sirens wailing. When I got there, the old man was crying, cradling his wife's limp body in his quivering arms. I placed a blanket over his shoulders, and stood him up. My team placed the wife's body on a platform, and wheeled her to another ambulance. The old man sobbed in my arms, as I comforted him.

Welp, that got dark. I only wrote 602 words yesterday, so hopefully I can make up for that today!

Happy writing to everyone!

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